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Day Shift

Day Shift is a slice-of-life, contemporary fantasy novel, in which a vampire is transferred from his comfortable life as a night shift customer service team leader, to the manager of the day shift specialist team. Out of his element, he and his team of misfits struggle to survive this new style of work through the most dangerous season for their line of work: Christmas.


  1. A Night in the Life of the Dead
  2. Daywalkers
  3. Crepes
  4. Orientation
  5. Helsing’s Legacy
  6. A Sign of Things to Come
  7. A Fifth of November
  8. Beggars and Choosers
  9. Brand New Mess
  10. In the Shadow of the Valley of Christmas
  11. Not That Kind of Vampire
  12. Down One
  13. New World Traditions
  14. Black Friday
  15. Hunters
  16. Blurs
  17. It’s a Wonderful Afterlife
  18. Letters to Santa
  19. Eve
  20. Christmas with the County
  21. The End of the Year