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Marches is the working title for a novel I am currently working on. Its in the editing stages, and is mostly written. However, in this stage, I’ve found that what started as a NaNoWriMo project has turned into something completely different. While I can’t share the entire thing here, I have decided to change some chapters entirely and to rewrite them from scrap. Rather than leaving those chapters to the proverbial dust, I thought it might be worthwhile to go ahead and share those here. They’ll give you a peek into what I’m doing, but they won’t necessarily be part of the final project, as I hope to legitimately publish it – and its worth taking a shot at that before posting it online.

That all said, what is Marches? Marches is the story of a young woman by the name of Mirabelle d’Argent, the daughter of the Grand Magi of Lune, Duc Vedast d’Argent. She is the Fille de Lune, a blessed child by the goddess of the moon. But Vedast has a secret, one that the Marquis Valamir Astier has found out, and to buy his secrecy, Mirabelle is to be married to Valamir’s son, Sarus. The story follows Mirabelle’s journey to her new home and life, discovering that her path may not be as preordained as she was led to believe. Perhaps even finding that this borderland she found herself in is more where she should be than the white towers of her promised life.

Marches is a Fantasy story. I find it hard to classify stories beyond that. The story takes place in a fictional kingdom in a medieval era, with many elements of the mystical sprinkled throughout. It is primarily a story about one person and her journey. In the beginning, and through the writing, I hadn’t settled exactly on the story – but now the story is firmly about Mirabelle, and solely from her perspective. This changed a lot of how it was written and opened it up to what the story is becoming now. As things shift and change, more chapters may appear here for you to see.

As with all things, I hope you enjoy. Check the Marches category for all the story chapters and notes on the chapter from me.

Fair winds,

Museless Bard

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