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Marches is the story of a young woman, Mirabelle d’Argent, the daughter of the Grand Magi of Lune, Duc Vedast d’Argent – one of the most respected men in all of the Reine’s domains. She is the Fille de Lune, a blessed child by the goddess of the moon. But Vedast has a secret, one that the Marquis Valamir Astier has found out, and to buy his secrecy Mirabelle is to be married to Valamir’s son, Sarus. The story follows Mirabelle’s journey to her new home and life, discovering that her path may not be as preordained as she was led to believe – perhaps even finding that this borderland she found herself in is more where she should be than the white towers of her promised life.

This story is currently being editted for its second draft, and I do intend on attempting to publish it traditionally. As such, it won’t be available here in its entirety, but for a sneak peek at the story you can look below. These are almost all chapters that are being heavily changed in rewrites, but I feel they’re all worth showing as I progress.

Chapters of Marches First Draft