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Marches – Chapter 01 Notes

Last updated on November 1, 2019

Author’s Notes

This chapter was the first I got down on paper in Marches. Originally, my plan was to set the story in small sections, concentrating on various characters in the story as they worked around the central story of Mirabelle. However, that lasted all of a handful of chapters. This part of the story was designed to show that Valamir Astier was the character that set everything in motion and set the groundwork.

While the Chapter itself I liked quite a bit and enjoyed writing, and honestly felt that it opened with the story pretty well. The dichotomy was something I wanted to set up early, with Ava and Vouivre having very different styling in how they held themselves and visually, so it was important to set up a more roguish appearance for Valamir.

Of course, that was before the shift to writing the entire story under Mirabelle’s perspective. So, this part of the story no longer works with the rest. There are portions of it that will survive in the future first chapters – likely changing to Valamir’s arrival in Cote d’Argent and seeing that first appearance from the side of a young woman seeing a figure she’s only known from rumor and stories before. In almost every way, this new intro will work better for the story as a whole and give more time to understand where she comes from and how far she travels.

The original perspective was a fun way to write out the start of the story and show some of the characters in the story. A lot of them would change as things went on, and Ava became much less of a focus. In looking back, I had bigger plans for Valamir’s attendants originally, but they don’t show up again until much later in the story, and even then it is rare and short appearances. It was a good start to the project for me that no longer fits the story, but one that does show the early stages of an idea and how it evolved rather quickly.

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