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Day Shift

It’s NaNoWriMo 2019! November 1st, and the beginning of Holiday season for so many people. For me, there is nothing more exciting than NaNoWriMo. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and while I only officially started doing the event itself three years ago, I find that it is a great experience of what I wish life could be like every day. So, what am I writing this time?

Day Shift is the working title of my piece this year. It’s a Contemporary Fantasy – which is to say that it is set in a Fantasy version of Earth, where non-humans and magic exist alongside regular humans. It’s a great way to do allegory for things that are hard to talk about. In this case, the main character is a vampire – which occurred to me was a perfect way to discuss living with a chronic illness (which I do) without having to talk about the gross parts. More importantly, a character with vampirism is cool. Much cooler than the things I actually have, but… it’s relatable. They have very specific needs in eating, it’s hard for them to be social, and they sleep weird. All things I do. Of course, my particulars do not require me to feast on the blood of other living beings.

This choice harkens back to two of my favorite storytellers: Terry Brooks, and Miyazaki Hayao. Its Brooks belief that Fantasy allows us to explore topics we otherwise struggle with, and Miyazaki’s drive to instill a sense of wonder at the world, even in mundanity, that inspired me early in on writing. I think Contemporary Fantasy melds those two overarching themes perfectly or allows for them to thrive in the story without taking away from the moments presented. Though make no mistake, I am not in the same league as those examples.

So I’m giving a go at this particular story. It’s different. It’s satirical. It draws a lot from my experiences in the workplace, my proxy experiences from my wife, and a lot of friends. The Holidays are so hard on everyone, that I think if you are going to have a slice of life story, that this is the time to set it. It’s stressful, there are plenty of challenges, but there is a beauty and warmth in the season that just isn’t around any other time of year. So, let’s see what stories come up for our Vampire and his team of customer service folks as they transition from the night shift to the day shift for the Christmas season.

On the technical side, I’ll be posting up unedited stuff here every day as I finish, though only a chapter at a time to keep from overwhelming anyone reading along. I’ll also be posting compilations of chapters on WattPad. You can keep track of my daily word count on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Marches will be posted every Sunday evening through November, and then I’ll be back to posting that more often. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

Fair Winds,

Museless Bard

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