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The Bloodstone Bestiaries

The Bloodstone Bestiaries are a collection of the legends and stories of the monsters of a fantasy world – from the birth of the creature or discovery of the beast, as well as legends of the dangers they present. These stories explore twists on the general story of these classic monsters. This is a fantasy series, but contains elements of various sub-genres, from classic heroic fantasy, to dark fantasy and horror. Each is a self-contained, one-shot short story that serves as part of the larger collection.

The Baker and the Widow – A story of a short lived love, and the discrete curse that follows it. (Light Romantic Fantasy)

The Caryatid Grove – A short story describing a forgotten mine with a mysterious monster lurking within. (Fantasy/Worldbuilding)

Dragonslayer – A story of an adventurer’s journey to hunt down a “dragon” haunting a nearby village. (Adventure Fantasy)

The Lady of the Lowlands – A story of a lady’s as she is left to die in a haunted lowlands. (Dark Fantasy/Horror)

A Young Fisherman – The story of fishermen, a lost ship, and the one that got away. (Fantasy)