Weekly Update (1/11/21)

New stories coming soon! Only a short update today.

This week, I revamped the Menus on the site, changed a few things around to make things a bit smoother overall, and tried to make it a better experience. I also finally updated the landing page for the Writing Series. Which, let’s be honest, was hilariously overdue.

I don’t have a lot else to add for this week – yet! The New Stories coming soon are in the works. I have the first intro down and am working on some prep work to get the characters and setting a bit more ready before diving in full steam. So, what is it I am writing?

Eryn, A World of Shattered Pasts

What does that mean? Not much yet. The project will be a large one for me. I will put all of my writing and world-building energies towards this for the first quarter, as a sort of challenge to myself. So that means I’ll be writing up a long-form story, some short stories in the setting, and world-building articles for the world as it grows and the ideas come together. I may even do some TTRPG stuff with it, but I haven’t really decided on the last one yet.

It’ll be posted here and on my World Anvil (for the world-building parts at least), and more changes may come. I’m going to try to be a bit more public with it than I have been with some other projects, so with a little luck and a lot of work, it should be a good project to start the year.

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