Weekly Update (1/4/21)

Hello All!

It’s a new year and like last year, I’m going to take on a new project in an attempt to start off on the right foot. Last year that was the Bloodstone Bestiary, which was handily derailed by COVID-19 and the utter devastation that wrought on the day to day – especially in my day job’s industry. So, it became a challenge to write fantasy horror.

You’ll notice that Children of Pyrrha is off the top-level menu if you were around in November. That story is finished, except for a couple of ending chapters that need to be cleaned up before I post them. The ending is written and I’m relatively happy with it. I mean, realistically I am never happy with an ending. They are at best bittersweet. You can still find it under the Writing Series Header.

I’m going to change how menus work over the next couple of weeks, so if you’re looking at this page on mobile, hopefully, the menus will stop being so badly formatted. With a little luck, conditional menus should clean that up – but I’ve got to learn how to do them first… so we’ll see how that goes.


The new project! Here is what you have come along for. So, starting next week I’m going to start on a single project that will be my only project for the First Quarter of the year. Until the end of March, I’ll be doing all of my writing, world-building, and map-making within the same setting. The goal of the project is to unify my writing and world-building more than they have been in the past. To do that, I’m taking some of my favorite stylings and joining them together in a cross-genre style.

There are people that say you shouldn’t announce something until you’re doing it. That warm feeling of success that comes with a goal can be mimicked by mentioning it, apparently. How do you do that with an ongoing project? Anyway, now you know its coming if you stop by here from time to time.

More information coming this week – and I’ll try to nail down a schedule on how I’ll release things. And be more consistent in posting little updates like this.

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