Writing Series

I write stories – fantasy, primarily. Below you’ll find a list of all story series available on the website with short descriptions of their content and style.

  • Bloodstone Bestiary – A Fantasy-Horror short story anthology about monsters, each with their own twist on the usuals myths and stories they were inspired by.
  • Children of Pyrrha – A Science Fantasy story about a small crew and their unexpected discovery of a world unlike any they expected to colonize – a world where they seem to have had a part in its very evolution, despite only just arriving.
  • Day Shift – A Contemporary Fantasy about a Vampire whose life becomes rough when he’s “promoted” from his cushy night shift job to a Customer Service Manager position on the Day Shift, right before Christmas.
  • Eryn – A Dark Fantasy set in a Contemporary Fantasy world where magic and Familiars are common, but some powerful and dark Familiars mark dangerous times. (Coming Soon!)
  • Marches – A Fantasy story about a young noble woman, married off to a vagrant family against her expectations. Far from home, she begins to discover herself, the leader she could be, the love she could have, and the secrets her father kept from her.