Sounds of battle interrupt a calm morning walk in the woods for Ljotr and Argi, two young villagers far removed from the complex world around them. Always one to charge headfirst into danger, though, Ljotr rushed to see how she could help. Her quick actions saved the life of a man, but she was not quick enough to save his partner. Whispers of his mission against the corrupting Mists, a dark and malevolent force that Ljotr lost her mother to as a child, hit her ears. She had no plans to get wrapped up in the fight against the Mists again, but the stranger’s mission soon becomes her own.

Alight is a Fantasy novel exploring themes of abandonment, grief, identity (gender, physical, racial, sexual), and trauma, and those of found family, love, acceptance, and healing.

Content Warning

Alight is written for a mature audience. It includes scenes and themes that may not be suitable for all audiences. If you are sensitive to scenes involving abandonment, grief, sexuality, trauma, violence, please consider your current mental state before reading.

Alight is a Work in Progress. All chapters presented are drafts and are subject to change.