Bloodstone Bestiary

The Bloodstone Bestiary is a Fantasy Short Story Series about monsters, each with their own path and misconceptions, each with their own twists. It hedges slightly more towards the area of horror and fantasy, but still maintains my usual twist towards romantic fantasy. Below you can find the released stories in the series, along with short blurbs on what to expect!

  • The Lady of the Lowlands – A horror-fantasy story about the dangers and monsters that haunt the eponymous Lowlands, and why that monster exists.
  • Imaginary Friends – A horror-fantasy story about the unseen and vindictive spirit that befriends a child.
  • The Baker and the Widow – A horror-fantasy romance about the love between men and a monster who people would say preys on them – though it may not see it that way.
  • A Young Fisherman – A horror-fantasy tale of a monster of the sea, luring those who dare to make their lives upon it to their deaths.
  • Caryatid – A fantasy story of the dangers of a legend evolving, twisting the monster that hides deep in the earth into something else.
  • Dragonslayer – A Fantasy story about an adventurer hired to slay the local dragon, who is definitely not what he appears.