Children of Pyrrha

                Children of Pyrrha is a Science Fiction / Fantasy styled in the old Planetary Romance Genre, about finding a new world long after the old one had died. Exploring humanity, transhumanism, and our effect on the worlds around us, the story follows a crashed Forerunner ship’s surviving crew. They are one of the units that should have arrived at a planet first before the colony ships set down to ensure it was safe. After coming out of their journey late and crashing to a planet’s surface, they find that things are not as they expected. The world is inhabited, something that they believed was impossible, but both the colony ships arrived. Unfortunately, one ship crashed, destroyed on impact with the world. The other, the Pyrrha, survived but lay dormant far across the globe. With help from the locals, they set out to find out what happened to their ships, why the plan failed, and with a little luck, to save the crew of the Pyrrha. With their ship damaged beyond repair and limited supplies, the team must brave the wilds and wonders of a new world to complete their quest.

This is a NaNoWriMo2020 piece and as with all my NaNoWriMo pieces, I’ll share it along the way. I’m going to try to post finished chapters here as they are completed. That means I’ll likely have a post every day or two through NaNoWriMo. It has been an odd year, though, so we will see.