A World of Shattered Pasts

Eryn is a world born of the death of other worlds, a union of an eternal flame and the inescapable dark. It is a world of magic, where each and every soul born onto its grounds is born tethered to a Familiar, a being of energy and memory tied to all the experiences that came before the newly born person. In this world, magic and technology melded, and a prosperous civilization grew and flourished for many generations. But there are trials in each generation, often marked by the appearance of a person born with an ancient, powerful, and often dark familiar. In the changing of ages, a young woman discovers her familiar may be one such being and threatens to usher in a terrible change.

Eryn is a Dark Fantasy set in a Contemporary Fantasy world with Aetherpunk stylings. It is a World Building and Writing project that I’ve put on myself for the first quarter of 2021. For the first three months, all of my writing and world-building will be directed towards this single project. It is a personal project, being done to flex muscles of two different disciplines and try to build upon each with the other. You can see the available stories and world-building articles below.


World Building Articles

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